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Woman standing in front of her house with a door and a welcome sign behind her.

Supported Independent Living

24/7 support to live your life the way you want to.

Our promise

You will live in a house that feels like a home

You will really feel at home in our family-style houses. You will have your own bedroom and can decorate it in your own style. Family and friends are also welcome to visit.

You will be supported by skilled & experienced staff

All our support workers are well trained and experienced to support people with a range of disabilities. This includes people with high intensity needs.

You will be provided with Person-Centred Active Support

We engage with you to support participation in activities at home and in the community.

Meet your Support Leader

Our Managers of Service Delivery are responsible for delivering positive outcomes for our supported independent living clients by leading support staff and service delivery.

Lighthouse is positive to be part of. They make my life easier.

—Gerry, Client

Lighthouse staff are all really dedicated. Our family appreciate all that the team do.

—Madeleine, Sister of a Client

Lighthouse have some amazing staff. I wish to thank them for their dedication and support.

—Gill, Mother of a Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living SIL is a National Disability Insurance Scheme support. This NDIS home and living support is also known as SIL.

With SIL, NDIS participants or people with disability live alone or in a share house. Depending on the level of help at home you need, we can provide 24/7 support

SIL is different to Indivdualised Living Options.

What support will I receive?

Supported Independent Living is about building your skills to live your life.

Through SIL we provide assistance with day to day tasks. This is also known as daily living supports.

If needed, we will also provide supervision with daily tasks. We will also support you in building your skills.

Some daily living tasks we can provide support as part of SIL include:

  • Household tasks
  • Cooking
  • Personal care
  • Going to appointments with health specialists
  • Taking medication
  • Using assistive technology

How do you manage decision-making?

All SIL clients and their guardians have a voice when making decisions. Learn how we manage choice in our Choice Policy.

Who will I live with?

We will provide you with a welcoming and long-term place to live.

In the majority of our SIL houses you will share with others.

Who you live with is very important. So we make sure we match our clients with people who share similar interests and goals.

What are the houses like?

Our SIL houses are comfortable and inviting. There are common areas for socialising and shared activities. You will have your own bedroom and can decorate in your own style.

Each house has an outdoor area for all to enjoy. Family and friends are also welcome to come visit.

Where are your houses located?

We provide supported independent living SIL in Adelaide, South Australia.

All our SIL houses are located in the north and north-east of Adelaide.

We currently have Supported Independent Living SIL vacancies in the following areas:

check out our current sil vacancies

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation SDA?

You may have Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding. SDA is different to SIL.

SDA is a house that has accessible features. These features to make it easier for people to access support.

The NDIS provides this funding to the participant through their plan.

SDA funding is for housing, not for services or support.

How are your staff trained?

All our support workers have:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support
  • NDIS Worker Screening Check
  • South Australian Driver’s Licence
  • First Aid Certificate

We provide regular professional development and training.

Person Centred Active Support training is also provided to all our CSWs. This training assists our team to better support our clients.

How is NDIS SIL support funded?

Supported Independent Living SIL funding is under the Core Supports budget of your NDIS plan.

The Supported Independent Living funding you receive will depend on the level of support you need. This will be reflected in your roster of care (ROC).

We will use your ROC to organise your support staff. We will also work with you to find how to best support you.

Learn about the pricing for SIL on our NDIS Price Guide webpage.

Is there eligibility criteria to live in one of your houses?

Yes, there is - you will require:

  • Funding. You will need NDIS SIL funding, but we may consider other funding. This includes funding from:
    • Lifetime Support Authority
    • Return to Work SA
    • Disability Support for Older Australians
    • Self-Funded.
  • Registered on the Community Housing Client Register. To access public or community housing, you must register with Housing SA. This does not apply for housing owned by Lighthouse Disability.
  • Category 1 eligible. All registrations for community housing are in a category. The category takes into account someone's need for housing.

Talk to your Support Coordinator if you need help.

Do you provide any other NDIS supports or services?

Yes, we are also registered to provide plan management.

Why choose us?

You will live in a house that you can call home. 

We support clients in family-style homes.

We have skilled and experienced support workers. 

Our staff are trained to support people with disability. This includes people with high intensity needs.

You will receive person-centred active support. 

We engage our clients in activities in the home and community.

We have a strong and rich history. 

We have over 30 years’ experience in the disability sector.

Quality and safeguarding. 

We have systems to ensure our clients receive the best support

We're not-for-profit. 

We are an ACNC registered charity and have been since day one.

Want to chat?

Moving out on your own, leaving the family home or moving in a share house is a big decision.  If you have a question about supported independent living or how to get it in your plan, you can call us on 8256 9800, send us an email or fill out the form below.

Supported Independent Living Support Enquiry

This enquiry form is for Supported Independent Living service enquiries. For all other enquiries please use the 'General Enquiry' form on the contact us page.

I am a
Preferred Contact Method

Participant Details

Please provide the details of the person requiring support

Please indicate primary disability/diagnosis

Tell us more about the participant's circumstances and why you're interested in this particular home listing.


“Let me commend the Lighthouse Disability staff for the exemplary work that they do and for how well they interact with the clients.”

Angela, External Provider

— Gill, Parent of a Client

“Lighthouse Disability is a positive organisation to be part of. They make my life easier.”

Gerry, Client

“Lighthouse Disability staff are all amazingly dedicated and our family appreciate all that the team do.”

Madeleine, Sister of a Client

“Lighthouse Disability is a great place to work. It’s been clear since day one that the focus is always on the person that we are supporting.”

Nick, Staff Member