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How we're building a supportive community

We believe strong connections are essential to ensure our clients receive the best support. That's why we go beyond providing support – we actively build a community where clients, families, and support networks feel connected, informed, and valued.

Date posted: Author: Andrew Ellis, Chief Executive Officer

Here's just a few ways we do just that...

Keeping You Informed

We know communication is key. Our newsletter, delivered to families every two weeks, keeps you updated on upcoming events, important news, and valuable resources. This ensures you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Strengthening Support Networks

We understand the importance of collaboration. We maintain regular communication with all parties involved in a client's support network, including therapists, support coordinators, and other providers. This collaborative approach ensures everyone is on the same page, working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Celebrating Together

Life shouldn't be all about appointments and routines. That's why we organise fun, inclusive client-only events throughout the year. Our annual Christmas Breakfast is a highlight, spreading holiday cheer and fostering a sense of community. The annual picnic is another opportunity for clients to connect, relax, and enjoy a fun day out. We also sponsor a number of local community events and ensure we pass on all complimentary tickets onto our clients and their families.

Empowering Families

We believe families are the most important partners in a client's journey. We encourage families to become Members of Lighthouse Disability. This gives them a say in how the organisation is run and ensures their voices are heard. Additionally, we hold a dedicated in-person family forum a couple of times a year. This allows families to share feedback, ask questions, and learn about our latest initiatives. It's a space for open communication and collaboration, ensuring we're always delivering the best possible support.

Support You Can Depend On

Through ongoing communication, fun events, and opportunities for involvement, we cultivate a sense of belonging and connection at Lighthouse Disability. We believe this supportive community environment is essential for fostering well-being and empowering our clients to thrive.

Want to be a part of our Lighthouse Disability community? Contact us today and discover how we deliver support you can depend on.

“Lighthouse Disability is a great place to work. It’s been clear since day one that the focus is always on the person that we are supporting.”

Nick, Staff Member

“Let me commend the Lighthouse Disability staff for the exemplary work that they do and for how well they interact with the clients.”

Angela, External Provider

“Lighthouse Disability is a positive organisation to be part of. They make my life easier.”

Gerry, Client

— Gill, Parent of a Client