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Lighthouse Disability take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and adhere to both the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Whenever you view or interact with a website or a social media account, you are sharing information about yourself and your web browsing habits. Lighthouse Disability assures you that all information gained by us through these interactions is handled with due care and diligence. Where personal information is collected, we ensure that it is used only for its intended purpose and not sold, shared or otherwise disclosed to any other party without your knowledge and consent. Confidentiality will be maintained in all instances, unless otherwise required by law.

Instances where we might collect personally identifiable data include newsletter subscriptions, complaints and feedback, service enquiries, job applications and blog and social media posts.

Personal information is the type of information you provide such as your name, postal address, phone, fax and mobile numbers, email address and so on. It will be protected and never shared unlawfully with other parties.

Statistical information is the anonymous data that Google Analytics records such as which pages on our website are the most popular, which posts in our blog attract more views and sharing, and how people interact with our website generally.

Lighthouse Disability utilises a number of media platforms to share news, promote events and build knowledge and capacity in our community, and these forums include our website, social media channels and other digital communications. Please remember that when you choose to comment on content shared on any of these media platforms, you are giving consent for anyone, anywhere in the world to read it, view it, comment on it and share it with others.

Lighthouse Disability’s website employs the latest in analytical software which will enable us to observe website traffic and statistical information usage through the trending of de-identified data, and thereby improve the way we interact with you. The kinds of information it tracks are the date and time of visitors coming to our website, their IP address (so it can tell who are unique and who are returning visitors), which browser was used to access our site and where you came from before visiting us. Any data collected in this manner is anonymous, however will still be treated with the respect it deserves and protected by using all reasonable steps.

As with all websites, ours utilises the placement of ‘cookies’ in your browser, to offer you a better user experience when you return to our site. Cookies are a small piece of data saved in your browser by the websites you visit, which remember particular preferences you have such as viewing a page zoomed in. You can elect to change your settings in your browser to prevent cookies from being generated, and you can manually delete stored cookies, however you should always seek advice from a trusted IT professional before doing this, as many websites today require the use of cookies to function properly.

Lighthouse Disability aim to inform and educate, and often provide links to other websites who share our philosophies and values. These links are shared with you in good faith, however Lighthouse Disability are not responsible for the privacy practices or opinions held by these other sites. You should always read the privacy statements written by the websites you visit, and ensure you are satisfied with how they will be handling your personal data. If you have any concerns over a link that has been shared by Lighthouse Disability on any of our social media or website pages, please alert our website Privacy Officer immediately by emailing or calling 08 8256 9800.

Lighthouse Disability respect your privacy, and will take any and all necessary precautions to protect your rights.


Lighthouse Disability’s mission is to listen and learn from people with a disability, their families and support networks so we can meet individual needs. Our website and social media accounts aim to help us in this respect by giving us means to listen and learn. They also afford us the opportunity to share our knowledge and build capacity in our community.

The content comes from a variety of sources and contributors and is general in nature however every effort is made to keep the information up to date and accurate. Content on our website is made available to the public in good faith, on the proviso that Lighthouse Disability and any content contributors will not be held liable for the outcomes of any action taken in response to content shared within. You should always verify the advice and information you are given, from other equally reputable sources.

If you utilise a language translator to read the content of this website, you do so at your own risk.

The content of the website, our privacy policy and this Disclaimer are subject to periodic review, and may change at different times without notice.


Copyright © Lighthouse Disability Ltd, 2024

At no time is the Lighthouse Disability logo, any of the photographs, videos, text or graphics to be taken and used without the prior written permission of Lighthouse Disability, unless as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968. You may contact our website administrator to seek permission to use or adapt content from our website and social media platforms, by emailing or calling (08) 8256 9800.

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“Lighthouse Disability is a positive organisation to be part of. They make my life easier.”

Gerry, Client

— Gill, Parent of a Client

“Let me commend the Lighthouse Disability staff for the exemplary work that they do and for how well they interact with the clients.”

Angela, External Provider

“Lighthouse Disability is a great place to work. It’s been clear since day one that the focus is always on the person that we are supporting.”

Nick, Staff Member