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Unveiling Lighthouse Disability’s 2024 Strategic Plan

We are excited to unveil Lighthouse Disability's strategic plan for the 2024 calendar year, marking a pivotal chapter in our journey.

Date posted: Author: Andrew Ellis, Chief Executive Officer

We are excited to unveil the 2024 Lighthouse Disability Strategic Plan, marking a pivotal chapter in our journey.

With a commitment to securing our organisation's sustainable future, our plan centres on four key focus areas: growth and sustainability, seizing new opportunities, investing in our systems and developing our people.

Andrew Ellis, CEO of Lighthouse Disability says “generally, strategic plans span three or more years, but given emerging changes in the disability sector, Lighthouse Disability has taken the opportunity to focus immediately on the next 12 months.”

“This Plan aims to position ourselves to respond quickly to any expected changes from the NDIS Review and the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. We will embark on a longer-term plan towards the end of the year once we have a clear picture of how the sector will change.”

We believe strongly in a common shared vision, mission and values which has guided our 2024 Strategic Plan:


To realise a community that embraces people living with a disability and supports their right to choose how they live their lives.


To listen and learn from people with a disability, their families and support networks so we can meet individual needs.



We adopt a person-centred approach to our work, and we foster an environment of mutual respect and trust among ourselves and all with whom we serve.


We are committed to achieving the highest level of excellence in client care, client education and discovery of themselves, life and the world.


We tell the truth and strive to earn the trust of those around us.


We seek ideas and approaches that can change the way we support our clients.


We are each responsible for ensuring the organisation always maintains high standards and achieves high success levels.

Service Through Teamwork 

We collaborate with each other to effectively and compassionately serve our clients and our community.

Key Focus Areas

Growth and Sustainability

We are focused on providing consistent staffing, maintaining up-to-date care plans and policies, refreshing our housing for clients, aligning staffing with funding and implementing systems to support clients in achieving their NDIS goals.

Seizing New Opportunities

We will invest in marketing our Plan Management service, to increase awareness and growth. Simultaneously, we will explore offering other services to diversify and reduce reliance on Supported Independent Living.

Investing in Our Systems

We are completing a comprehensive review of our existing software, following that up with upgrades to software packages and improving how we use them. This is all part of ensuring efficient administration and quality and safeguarding in services and support we provide to clients.

Developing Our People

We are developing our people by introducing Service Leads to our homes, conducting an Employee Engagement Survey, and acting on its insights. We're ensuring everyone completes required training and embraces the 'Lighthouse Way.' Moreover, we’re also developing our leaders to ensure the organisation is managed and governed well.

Andrew Ellis adds, “We are excited to act on all the items in our Strategic Plan and look forward to seeing where the next 12 months takes us. At the heart of all that we do is delivering a support people can depend on.”

To download an A4 summary of the Lighthouse Disability 2024 Strategic Plan click here.

“Lighthouse Disability is a positive organisation to be part of. They make my life easier.”

Gerry, Client

“Let me commend the Lighthouse Disability staff for the exemplary work that they do and for how well they interact with the clients.”

Angela, External Provider

“Lighthouse Disability is a great place to work. It’s been clear since day one that the focus is always on the person that we are supporting.”

Nick, Staff Member

— Gill, Parent of a Client