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Best Accessible Playgrounds in Adelaide

Playgrounds can be enjoyed at any age, but it's hard to know which ones offer the best accessibility for people with disability.

Date posted: Author: Christine Hawkett, Plan Manager

Best Accessible Playgrounds in Adelaide

There are dozens of inclusive playgrounds throughout the state, providing opportunities for people with disability to play, explore, and connect with others. Here are some of our top pick if you have any more suggestions, please let us know.

St Kilda Adventure Playground
St. Kilda Adventure Playground. Image: City of Salisbury

1) St Kilda Adventure Playground

Located in the north of Adelaide, this award-winning playground has numerous accessible features, including wide paths and ramps to all play areas. There is also: 

  • a wheelchair-accessible carousel,
  • sand play area and; 
  • water play section.
    Bonython Park Playground. Image: City of Adelaide

    2) Bonython Park Playground

    This playground is located near Adelaide's CBD and offers an abundance of accessible features including: 

    • a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round,
    • a sensory garden,
    • a sheltered area with a BBQ and; 
    • wheelchair-accessible picnic tables.

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    Civic Park Playground. Image: City of Tea Tree Gully

    3) Civic Park Playground

    This inclusive playground is located in Modbury and offers an adventure playground with a wide range of accessible equipment, including:

    • wheelchair-accessible swing, 
    • sensory play equipment and; 
    • plenty of picnic tables and seating options.
    Hendrie Street Reserve Playground. Image: City of Marion

    4) Hendrie Street Playground

    The Hendrie Street playground in Park Holme was the first all abilities playground in South Australia and provides a range of inclusive play equipment including:

    • wheelchair accessible expression swing - where you can be sit face-to-face,
    • wide and accessible platforms,
    • sensory spaces and; 
    • an accessible carousel.

    5) Rymill Park Quentin Kenihan Inclusive Playground

    The Rymill Park Inclusive Playground in Adelaide is named after disability advocate Quentin Kenihan. It provides a range of inclusive play equipment for people all ages, including:

    • mini in-ground trampolines which are also suitable for a wheelchair,
    • a sound and sensory garden including musical instruments and equipment at the height a wheelchair user can access,,
    • a sway swing that rocks
    • a water pump, and a button presser for fountains, that are at the height a wheelchair user can use and;
    • a carousel which wheelchairs can access.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My child uses a wheelchair and has limited upper body strength. Are any of these playgrounds particularly suitable for them?

    It's important to look beyond just ramp access when considering playgrounds for children with limited upper body strength. Look for features like:

    • Ground-level play panels or sensory elements that can be enjoyed from a wheelchair.
    • Swings with harnesses or specialized seats for secure support.
    • Paths wide enough for wheelchairs with smooth surfaces for easy maneuvering.

    You may need to do some additional research on the individual playgrounds mentioned in the article to see if they offer these specific features.

    We're visiting Adelaide for a short holiday. Are there any accessible playgrounds near the CBD or popular tourist areas?

    While the blog focused on the suburbs, there are a few accessible options closer to Adelaide's main attractions including Variety Livvi's Place at Glenelg, which is a fantastic inclusive plays pace right by the beach.

    Are there resources for finding accessible playgrounds in other parts of Australia?

    Thankfully, yes! Here are some helpful resources for your accessible playground search across the country:

    • The Touched By Olivia Foundation website ( has a directory of inclusive play spaces throughout Australia.
    • Your state or territory's disability council or peak body may have a list of accessible parks and playgrounds in your area.
    • Many local councils are now including accessibility information on their websites when they list parks and recreation facilities.

    The playgrounds mentioned above are some of the best accessible playgrounds in South Australia, providing a safe and inclusive environment for kids to play, explore, and create memories. However, we're sure there are many more. Let us know your favourite accessible playground.

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