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How to use the NDIS Price Guide

At first glance, using the NDIS Price Guide can be overwhelming, but trust us when we say it’s an essential tool. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to the guide!

Date posted: Author: Chris Hawkett, Plan Management

The NDIS Price Guide (now called ‘NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits’) outlines price controls for NDIS supports and services.

Here’s a clear breakdown of this massive document and tips for using it to shape your support plan.

What exactly is the NDIS Price Guide?

Price regulation

The NDIS Price Guide sets the highest prices that disability support providers can charge for services. They can charge less than this price if they want to. This way, the Price Guide aims to ensure participants receive reasonable value for their allocated funding.

The Support Catalogue

The NDIS Price Guide contains the Support Catalogue. This extensive list provides detailed descriptions, prices, and billing rules for claimable NDIS supports. It’s a useful feature for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the services available to them.

Regular updates

The NDIS Price Guide is regularly updated by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Updates usually happen once a year, so it’s important to check that you’re using the latest version!

Why does the NDIS Price Guide matter to you?

Cost transparency

One of the main purposes of the NDIS Price Guide (for participants) is to provide the average market prices for NDIS supports. Such transparency empowers participants to plan and anticipate funding requirements.

Budget planning

The NDIS Price Guide can be used to inform your plan development or review. You can project how funding might be spent on the supports you need and how far it will stretch.

Provider comparison

Using the NDIS Price Guide while shopping around for service providers is always a good idea. Compare different providers to ensure they’re charging fair rates. Also check if any providers are undercutting the competition (that may be a red flag).

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Using the NDIS Price Guide – key aspects

Support items

    Each listing in the Support Catalogue has a code linked to a descriptive name (e.g., "Assistance with Self-Care Activities"). Understanding this coding system is vital for identifying supports.

    Price limits

      Maximum hourly rates are set for specified supports. Sometimes supports provided during non-peak periods or as group activities will cost less.

      Travel claims

        Providers can bill for the travel associated with some supports. The NDIS Price Guide outlines where transport charges are allowed.

        Other provisions

          Additional services (e.g., report writing and plan-management fees) each have rules and price limits established by the NDIS. The same applies to things like cancellation fees. It’s worth knowing what is allowed so that you can avoid funding problems.

          Practical tips for maximising the NDIS Price Guide

          Plan reviews

            Use the information from the NDIS Price Guide while working with your planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) on plan reviews. This way, you can exercise greater control over your review.

            Provider negotiation

              While providers cannot exceed price limits, negotiating within these margins is acceptable. The Price Guide arms you with the right knowledge for these discussions.

              Exploring your options

                Certain supports with price controls can be self-managed. The NDIS Price Guide helps you compare provider rates with managing those supports yourself.

                Staying updated

                  Subscribe to NDIS updates or revisit the NDIA website to see any Price Guide changes or new releases.

                  Beyond the NDIS Price Guide – things to know

                  Other factors

                    It’s not just about the cost of a support. Service quality, provider expertise, and your connection with support workers matter just as much. These other factors are critical when deciding upon supports, so be sure to do your research.

                    Ongoing adjustments

                      Humans evolve and circumstances change, and the NDIS knows this. When your needs, NDIS goals, and preferences shift over time, advocate for yourself. Review your funding allocation with the NDIS Price Guide and go into plan reviews armed with the best information.

                      Asking for help

                        Fully understanding the NDIS Price Guide can take time. Reach out to your planner, LAC, support coordinator, psychosocial recovery coach or plan manager if you want some extra support.

                        Empowering decision making

                        Paired with guidance from professionals, the NDIS Price Guide helps you have greater control over your NDIS journey. Embracing the NDIS Price Guide as a reference tool will make you a more informed participant. You’ll find it especially useful when requesting funding and planning your supports!

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