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Six free fun activities to do in your community

If you're looking for some fun things to do in your community, check out these six free activities.

Date posted: Author: Lighthouse Disability

1) Go to a park

There are a plenty of parks in Adelaide to choose from and they're all great for a relaxing day out. Take a picnic basket, some sports equipment, a blanket, snacks and you're all set.

2) Visit a museum

There are loads of museums in the Adelaide area and most of them are free to enter. You could even spend an entire day visiting them all. Here's a few that have free entry:

3) Go to the beach

Bring a towel, some sunblock and get ready to spend a few hours relaxing in the sun. You could even take a book with you and enjoy a quiet read.

4) Visit an art gallery

There are a lot of great art galleries in South Australia, where you can enjoy some wonderful works of art. Take a look around and see what you can find - here's a few with free entry:

5) Visit your local library

The library is a great place to spend some time and relax. They have loads of books you can check out for free and you can even borrow some DVDs. Your local library might also have some fun activities and events you can participate in. To find your local library visit

6) Pop into your local shopping centre

There are a lot of shopping centres around Adelaide where you get a coffee and something to eat. There are also plenty of shops where you can do some window shopping.

Check out your community and see what's happening around you. There are so many interesting and fun things you can do for free in your community - have fun.

Looking for community participation support?

As a registered not-for-profit NDIS provider of community participation, we can support you explore and find new interests. If you're interested in our support get in touch.

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