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202206 John Volunteering

20 Years of Volunteering for John

When John started volunteering with Lighthouse Disability the world was a very different place.

Date posted: Author: Lighthouse Disability

Kylie Minogue was top of the charts, petrol cost less than a dollar per litre and smart phones were things of fantasy. But it was during this time that John made the decision to join Lighthouse Disability as a Administration Volunteer.

To recognise John's outstanding contribution to Lighthouse Disability we presented him with a special 20 year anniversary commemorative pin at our 2022 Volunteer Appreciation Afternoon Tea.

"It’s been twenty years since I started working at Lighthouse Disability (formerly Leveda) as a humble Administration Volunteer, but in that time, I have done lots of wonderful work with you and made a positive contribution to the organisation" John said.

Diane Ashford, Volunteer and Client Events Coordinator has been amazed by John's commitment to his work. "His dedication to his volunteer role at Lighthouse Disability is commendable. He is a great asset to the organisation" she said.

"I always take the role of Administration Volunteer very seriously and have got the job done in a manner that is both efficient and with attention to detail. That has always been my utmost commitment" John adds.

They say if you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life and that's certainly the case for John.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as an Administration Volunteer and I won’t stop doing my role for a long time yet!" he said.

During his time with Lighthouse Disability, John has seen a lot of change both in the organisation and the disability sector.

"Although the people I met and worked with when I started have moved on, I have never relented nor let go of the duties that have been set for me."

Diane adds "despite the great deal of change in the organisation and industry, one thing has always remained constant and that's John."

To finish his speech at our Volunteer Appreciation Morning Tea John said "I would like to thank everyone at Lighthouse Disability (past and present) for letting me into your wonderful organisation. You are the reason I am still here working hard to get things done."

On behalf of our clients, families, guardians, members and staff - thank you John for your outstanding contribution to Lighthouse Disability, it's greatly appreciated.

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“Let me commend the Lighthouse Disability staff for the exemplary work that they do and for how well they interact with the clients.”

Angela, External Provider

“Lighthouse Disability is a positive organisation to be part of. They make my life easier.”

Gerry, Client

— Gill, Parent of a Client

“Lighthouse Disability staff are all amazingly dedicated and our family appreciate all that the team do.”

Madeleine, Sister of a Client

“Lighthouse Disability is a great place to work. It’s been clear since day one that the focus is always on the person that we are supporting.”

Nick, Staff Member